Wine to Water: Review and Giveaway

Wine to Water is the true story of Doc Hendley (pictured to the left) and his journey to help solve the water crisis.  Doc has a humble beginning as an ordinary bartender, but he has an energetic personality and love of people that soon fuels his mission to make a difference.

When Doc learns about the world’s freshwater crisis he is shocked by the severity, much as I was while reading the book.  However, while most of us would be saddened and surprised to learn the great suffering of people without water, we would stop there.  Doc is compelled to do something about it.  He begins by starting a non-profit organization, Wine to Water, and before he even knows how best to make an impact, he is raising funds through wine-tasting events and gatherings in his hometown.  To his surprise, the organization starts spreading like wildfire as friends of friends become interested in spreading the word and donating money to help the crisis.

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What books did you ask Santa to bring?

My Christmas wishlist mostly consists of books this year.  There are far too many to list, but some titles include The Hunger Games trilogy, Everything Is Illuminated, Gone With The Wind, Middlesex, and Sarah’s Key, to name a few.  My mom was a bit overwhelmed when I emailed her the full list, so I’ll spare you the pain.  I want to hear what books are on your wishlist.  I’m going to play Santa’s helper for one lucky person and deliver a book via The Book Depository.

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