The Versatile Blogger Award

There are three simple rules to the Versatile Blogger Award. They are as follows:
1. Thank the person(s) who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post.
2. Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.
3. List 7 things about yourself.

I was lucky enough to be nominated for this award by Ariel.  I’m so grateful she found my blog and actually enjoyed my posts!  Thanks Ariel 🙂 Check her blog out too so I can return the favor.

Here are 15 bloggers that show their versatility! Hope you enjoy them =)

1. Lovely Little Things
2. Sassafras Gals
3. Reviews and Ramblings
4. Slowin’ Down with Fast Eddie
5. Planet Pooks
6. 101 Books
7. Shh… Mommy’s Blogging
8. Booze In Boston
9. The Au Pair Report
10. Living In Fear: Civilian Reportage for the Photographic Enthusiast
11. Day I Started Reading
12. Cakes, Tea, and Dreams
13. The Hob-bee Hive
14. My Stylistic Life
15. Sparkle Me Zen

I hope you liked these blogs.  I’m relatively new to blogging, so I haven’t explored many yet, but I really took a lot of time today to search through blogs and blogs and blogs to find some good ones to recommend. Happy reading!

Now, here are some facts about me:

1. I have never watched The Lord of the Rings. Or read the books. I hope to change the second one at least at some point.

2. I have an adorable cat named Angel.  She’s very sweet, but is a snob sometimes and is by far the most spoiled one in the house.  I can’t have her with me at college though.  Next year, when I move to Boston, I plan on getting a kitten for my apartment.  Also, I see all cats as kittens and call them “mittens”.  Shrug.

3. My house is in the background of a Taylor Swift music video.

4. One of my favorite places is Barcelona, Spain.  It’s also the setting of my favorite book…hmm…

5. I am extremely UN-religious, but I am very open to the beliefs of others and interested in discussing other cultures and beliefs, as long as they are not being shoved down my throat.

6.  I can sing.  One of my best experiences of high school was being in the select choir and being part of that tight-knit group.

7.  If I went to Hogwarts I’d be a Ravenclaw, but I secretly wish I was a Slytherin.