Book Adventures in Boston!

Today I did some exploring around Boston and naturally found books! Sorry if the picture quality isn’t great. I was trying to be discreet by using my phone. Also, it was really bright out, which didn’t make for the best pictures.

My first find was Commonwealth Books:






They sell used books and have a pretty big selection. I didn’t purchase anything this time, since I already have a lot of guilt over the size of my TBR pile, but I plan to go back soon.

Next we decided to go to the Boston Public Library. Being Boston, I expected a pretty large library, but nothing could have prepared me for this. The architecture, staircases, and rooms are absolutely gorgeous, and I didn’t even get any shots of all of the shelves of books in the actual library building. People rent out some of these rooms for thousands of dollars to host events like weddings. Hmm, I wouldn’t mind getting married in a building devoted to books!




This picture doesn’t do the room justice. If you’re ever in Boston, you MUST visit the BPL.


I know where I’ll be studying/reading from now on!

3 comments on “Book Adventures in Boston!

  1. katieleigh says:

    Oh, I love both the BPL and Commonwealth Books. Welcome to Boston!

  2. those are definitely two of the city’s literary treasures. the bpl is amazing! take an architectural tour sometime if you get the chance-it’s worth it! commonwealth is a really fun store, too. boston proper doesn’t have as many bookstores as it used to but that’s a great one. also check out trident books on newbury street and raven used books a few blocks down 🙂

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