Let’s Talk Tweets

I finally did it. I have officially joined the world of Twitter.

Now, can anyone tell me what a Tweet is?

Ha. But seriously, how do I do this? I’m still figuring it out (still waiting for my confirmation e-mail actually) and I’d appreciate any tips!

You can now follow me here: @booksandboston but don’t expect anything noteworthy just yet.

Also, sorry for the long gap between posts! I had 2 huge papers due this week, but now that they’re out of the way you can expect some more regular posts from me.  I’ll probably be posting again later on today.

Please comment with any suggestions you have for a novice Tweeter (is that even the right term?) and also if you have a Twitter account that I can follow =) Happy Tweeting!


12 comments on “Let’s Talk Tweets

  1. Carrie says:

    I’m still getting my Twitter legs, so to speak. I find I enjoy it more than I thought I would. I miss a lot and don’t like tweeting about randomness that so many do. I mostly post my blog reviews and anything related to my blog. So many use it for so much more. I guess there’s nothing else to do but dive right in!

  2. Hi Michelle, just sent you a follow request. Wondering… did you mean to make your account private? Only wondering because I think a public account would be more likely to promote the blog. Looking forward to some great bookish tweets!

    • Michelle says:

      About to go and accept! And ah, thanks for the tip! I was a bit confused about what the different settings meant I guess and how to manage them. *runs off to fix* thanks for following 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Uh oh, I tried to accept a few twitter requests and it isn’t working. I’ve tried signing out and signing back in too. I switched my profile to public now though. Any suggestions? =/ I feel like such a twitter noob

  3. The main thing to remember is that you only have 140 characters for a tweet. Whatever you say has to fit within that. However, if you’re including a link to a website, Twitter will TweetShrink it to save characters. Good luck!

    Oh, and if you want, we can be tweet followers. I’m Annie_Rayburn

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks! I guess I’ll have to figure it out along the way, but thanks for the advice (here and on twitter)! I’m surprised I’ve avoided the Twitter world for so long.

  4. lindacee says:

    I intend to avoid Twitter FOREVER but I have to admit to some curiousity, is it actually supposed to be fun? Or for promoting stuff? (maybe a better question would be is it fun?)

    • Michelle says:

      I tried to avoid it for a long time, but I got too curious! It seems to be very good for promoting things since you can post quick blurbs about whatever is going on and link to things. I think it definitely has potential to be fun too! I do like being able to browse through multiple profiles and see short tweets instead of reading long blog posts. It seems a quicker way to sift through blogs/people I want to follow. It’s just another social network site to connect to other people. Seems pretty cool as long as you don’t go too over the top with it I think.

  5. I joined Twitter about 3 years ago and tend to dip in and out. I quite like it sometimes, but find it can be a real time drain as well – time I’d rather spend reading!

    • Michelle says:

      I think it’s a good way to keep up with people without having to spend tons of time doing so…but I definitely can see how it could get to be time-consuming. I’m trying to ease myself into it haha.

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