Get the most out of your reading experience

You’re totally wrapped up in a book and completely identify with the main character, but you keep coming across things – songs, books, movies, places, names – that you don’t recognize.  You could look up every single one, but when it gets to the fifth song your favorite character mentions loving this gets a bit tiring.  So what do you do? You go to SmallDemons.

SmallDemons is a new website devoted to sharing connections between books.  Right now the site is still in beta, but you can request an invite to get access.  I got my invite a couple days ago – about 2-3 days after requesting it.  Already the site features a variety of books.  On each book’s page it shows people, places, music, movies, tv shows, books, vehicles, gadgets, clothing, weapons, and many other things mentioned in the book.  You can scroll through these lists and click on any person, place, song, etc.  This will then bring you to a page showing the other books that have mentioned these examples.

Furthermore, the site will feature recommendations based on books you like – as a sort of Pandora station for books.  There will also be ways to upload your bookshelves, keep track of your favorite books, and create music playlists.  Since the site is still growing they’re working on a bunch of really cool features.  Best of all, if you get an invite to access the site through beta you can be part of this development process by submitting your own ideas.

There are a lot of awesome ideas that I can’t explain in such a short post, but check the site out at SmallDemons. Here is a short video describing the unique experience:

I originally found out about this website through this blog post.


6 comments on “Get the most out of your reading experience

  1. knudsens says:

    This is technology I’ve wanted a long time. I hope they can make something similar in Norway as well. I read a lot of English books, but also likes to read Norwegian books and miss a Norwegian version of this technology

    • Michelle says:

      I think it’s amazing how quickly technology is growing. I think this aspect of technology will continue to expand and definitely spread across languages and countries as it grows. It’s such a cool step to integrate so many things we come across in life. Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  2. Thanks for blogging about this Michelle! So cool, it constantly amazes me what innovative people can come up with! I’ve wished for something like this since I began reading but the concept and follow through would have never occurred to me. I’ve just sent for my invite and am excited to check it out.

    • Michelle says:

      No problem! I’m really excited about this too, so I’m thrilled to share with others who find it interesting =) Have fun exploring the site once you get your invite.

  3. WOW!…..amazing! 🙂 …I’ve requested an invite. Thanks!

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