Selfless Tee: T-shirts & Charity!

Everyone needs to check out this website: Selfless Tee. My friend is one of the co-founders so I am a little biased, but I really think this is a great cause.  The organization consists of several projects to raise money for charitable causes by selling trendy t-shirts.  On the website you can read about the different causes, view the project goals, and track progress toward the goal.  The best part is that they give 100% of the profits back to the organizations.

To find out more about how Selfless Tee got started and learn more about the organization watch this video:

I just bought this t-shirt to help fight homelessness and the less fortunate.  The other current project is I Am Vermont Strong.  Some other causes that Selfless Tee has supported include the Vermont Flood Relief, Empowering Communities to Fight the AIDS and Water Crisis, Advance the Youth of Cambodia to Live, Learn, & Lead; and Educate a Girl and Bring Equality to All.

This organization is great since it combines multiple individual projects and causes into one simple way to help out.  Also, it means that there are constantly new opportunities to buy a cool t-shirt from awesome causes!

This is great, but I don’t have the money to spend right now.  Here’s an idea I had.  If you really want to help out the cause and think the t-shirts are awesome, but you don’t have the $20-25 to spend right now – put it on your Christmas list!  These t-shirts can be simple and affordable gifts, so think about asking someone to get you one of these instead of some other random item for Christmas.  Everyone wins.

Please check out this cause, here’s the link again. Let me know what you think and if you buy a t-shirt!


2 comments on “Selfless Tee: T-shirts & Charity!

  1. vegburger says:

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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