…I did it again.

I allowed myself to step inside a small bookshop, inhale the mind-altering scent of paperback novels, browse excitedly while becoming high off of literature…and come home with three new books.

Surprisingly, I don’t feel guilty for spending money that should probably stay in my bank account.  I love books so much that I feel justified in splurging every now and then.  I think I deserve them with all the hard work I put into life.  Plus, my main ambition is to build my own awesome personal library, so how else am I going to get there?

Here’s what I bought today:

The Book Thief — Markus Zusak
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest — Ken Kesey
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close — Jonathan Safran Foer

You’ll be hearing more about these after I read and review them.  I’m excited to read them all, but you’ll hear more about why once I publish a review.

Right now, I’m reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Hopefully I’ll be able to put a review of that one up later this week.

Here’s a question for my fellow bibliophiles:

How do you stop yourselves from buying the entire bookstore? Do you ever feel guilty for spending money on books? Do you have to set limits/allowances on how many books to buy?

Thanks for the input and, as always, thanks for stopping by =)


12 comments on “Oops…

  1. Adam says:

    First off, The Book Thief is an absolutely brilliant book. Have fun with it as it is definitely unique and a joy to read.

    As for buying books, If I were you I’d be pleased that it was only 3 books. Normally when I head to Barnes & Noble I have a list of books that I’m looking for, but then I’ll spend some time browsing through my favorite sections looking for other books as well. I generally don’t get away from there without buying at least 7 or 8 books and spending $100 a trip. Thankfully I have a membership which gives me 10% off and lets me buy even more books.

    I generally try to limit myself to however many books I can carry at once (typically no more than 10-12 books at a time) and I only go there about once a month, maybe twice if I’ve been tearing through some of the books that I recently purchased faster than normal, but I always have a stack of books to read and to keep the stack going as much as I read means buying lots of books fairly often.

    • Ah, yes, Barnes & Noble feeds my addiction. I used to do pretty much the same thing as you – big trips every month or so. I used to have a Barnes and Noble membership card too, but the nearest one is an hour away now so it’s not really worth it. Also, I’m not really sure if I saved exactly…since I’m pretty sure I was just more motivated to buy more books 😛 Right now my biggest problem is finding enough TIME to read them all.

      I’ve heard so many excellent reviews about The Book Thief though, so I was very excited to finally get it. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Amanda Rene says:

    I stop myself from buying the whole book store by imagining how pissed my husband would be if I came home with more than five books. For the same reason, I totally have an allowance. If I don’t have an allowance, I end up spending grocery money on books and my husband gets a little upset, and we both get hungry. And then I definitely feel guilty. 🙂 I never bought a Barnes and Noble membership because I wanted to believe that I’d go to the locally-owned store more, but I don’t. Barnes and Noble is closer, so I probably go there a shameful amount. Oooops!

    The Book Thief had caught my eye a few months ago, but I haven’t checked it out yet. I’m excited to read your review!

    • Barnes and Noble is just more convenient sometimes – I totally understand. I’d say going hungry is a pretty good motivator to not spend everything on books, though 😛 Thanks for stopping by my blog =) Hopefully I’ll be able to get reading and write that review for The Book Thief relatively soon.

  3. I feel your pain. I used to buy books every single time I walked into a bookstore. I tried to limit my purchases to paperbacks under $10, but that never really worked. All the books I wanted to read were brand new, just came out- still in hardcover.
    Finally I realized I couldn’t support myself and my book habit. So I joined the library. For a while I was living in Downtown Los Angeles and the Central Library there had every book I could ever want to read. Even new ones. Now I live in a suburb and the library has fewer books. Almost no new books. The way around that is inter-library loan.

    • I really need to find a way to get myself to utilize the library instead…I just can’t do it. I need my own copy of the book. I imagine that’s going to change soon as I start realizing how many more bills I’ll have to pay!

  4. MomMomHill says:

    If someone discovers the secret to stopping oneself from buying the bookstore, I would love to attempt to take that tidbit and apply it to my life!!!!! STAT!

  5. I had to put myself on a “book buying ban” last month, and so far so good. I needed to ban myself after I bought and filled a bookcase with only the books I haven’t read yet. As soon as I create a hole on one of those shelves though…… LOOK OUT!

    • Haha I totally understand. My bookcase at home mostly consists of books I have yet to read. I’m going to have to go on a book-buying hiatus for a little while and try to make some progress with those before I reward myself with new titles 🙂 Thanks for your input and stopping by!

  6. Good job in getting The Book Thief. It’s a brilliant book! Hope you enjoy reading it.

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